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STEAM+B High School - Home of The Mighty House Flies™ - is an internationally renowned Science, Technology, Entertainment, Arts, Math + Business Academy.
(We've added "+B" because knowledge of business is so vitally important to continued success in STEAM. We also changed the "E" to "Entertainment" because there is Science and Technology in ALL entertainment. We also promote the technology and science of "healthy body + healthy nutrition = healthy life".)

The development and research team at STEAM+B High School combines student created, Science, Technology, Entertainment, Arts & Math along with strategy + Business tactics that is and has always been most important for early and continued success.
We add youthful energy to create the most awesome educational learning environment for a select group of outstanding students.

Sound interesting? Intriguing? Fun? - It is! Don't let our size fool you - LET IT FUEL YOU!™

New! Check our our STEAM+B Team developed project: Milk Hall of Fame®​ HERE

New! Check out our STEAM+B Team developed project: Habit Cough Association. The first ever in history "instant and permanent" "peer reviewed and published" cure for coughing medical research project HERE

Since STEAM+B High School was founded, it has since grown to include student directed:


World Headquarters of The Internet Broadcast Network, Internet City Studios & eSports & Gaming Network.

We are student fueled by our passion for eSports, Gaming, Strategy, Tactics, & fun. Happy Television, STEAM+B Television, Internet Design Factory, Internet Test Kitchen and riveting unscripted entertainment are driven fully and completely by our "STEAM+B Powered Fun™".


(Our students don't even know that they are learning! Who said that learning can't be fun?)

Our talented and expanding team of professional educators works hard to bring our vision to life.


We make it fun to create a one of a kind eSports, Gaming and Entertainment experience for all of our subscribers, advertisers and sponsors. Stand by for great shows such as: STEAM+B Television, eSports & Gaming, The Best Show In The World, Strategy Television, The TikiDeck Show, Happy Television, Internet Design Factory and more!

You aren't fooled by our size; are you? We are STEAM+B fueled for fun. Let's grow! 


What’s Our Deal?


We are fueling the PyrateShip for our production, entertainment and broadcast network of gaming enthusiasts to become the leading eSports & Gaming and Internet Broadcast Network in the world.


All of this in the name of learning. We are planned and positioned for massive growth as the eSports & Gaming industry skyrockets. Our diverse team now consists of specialists in many fields, including directors, producers, editors, artists, engineers, developers, videographers, editors, sound engineers, teachers, and so much more.

We’re experts in having a good time in front of the screens and especially behind the scenes (BTS). We LOVE our BTS! We offer our fellow gamers a chance to unleash their inner child through our awesome live and recorded Internet Broadcasts, eSports and Gaming Hall of Fame & Training Facility. Let us know how we can help you.


When it comes to the evolving and dynamic eSports and Gaming world, the sky's the limit and our Distributed Fun™ is the key.

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Let's Talk. Let's Produce! - Broadcast Control #1 at Internet City Studios


Do you have a fun STEAM+B project that needs to be fueled? Need a production partner who truly gets the whole STEAM+B, eSports & Gaming, YouTube and video industry and who is taking point in Distributed Fun™?


Ready to put some skin in the game? Want take a meeting and get a grand tour of STEAM+B High School at The Internet City Studios to learn about our backstory and future story? Do we fit with your strategic plans?


Let's talk. Let's act. Don't let our size fool you - LET IT FUEL YOU! Our productions are live or recorded, land, sea, air, in studio, remote and unscripted. Our schedule is tight. Our content is campy and fun and that makes us loved. Our hosts are seasoned speakers.


We don't produce any political, religious, controversial or sexual content productions. Controversy takes a LOT of energy & effort that we don't have.


Our current slate of productions include episodes of The Best Show in the World, Strategy Television, The Internet Broadcast Network, Happy Television, Internet Design Factory, The TikiDeck Show (PG 13) and more! Live videos and our Behind The Scenes (BTS) are a great way to show and grow our subscriber base.


Honesty, integrity and fun is what sells your product or service. We are combining aspects of audio/visual technology to create the greatest Distributed Fun Network of eSports, Gaming, Strategy, Tactics and Technology. Let us know if you want to be part of our PyrateShip Production Team.


We are living, creating, producing and broadcasting from The World Famous Internet City Studios near Annapolis, Maryland on the east cost of the USA. Join us with your project.



Thank you for your interest in STEAM+B High School & the World Famous Internet City Studios, The Internet Broadcast Network, The Internet Podcast Network and The eSports and Gaming Network.


For any inquiries, media requests or studio visits, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to give you the time and information you need.

World Famous
STEAM+B High School @ Internet City Studios
602 Sweet Brush Ct.

Severna Park, Anne Arundel County, MD 21146


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