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The Sun Rises on The Heroes of Tomorrow

Everyone needs a passion. Ours is America. Our country was founded by the Heroes of Yesterday. Our country thrives with the dedication of the men and women who are destined to become The Heroes of Tomorrow. These Heroes are all around us; from every walk of life. They never know when they will be called upon to act in a heroic manner. Stew Smith's "Heroes of Tomorrow" prepares them to become police, fire, EMS, military and federal law enforcement. To learn more; click HERE. "One more" comes from how we want the best protectors and how they can always do one more push up, pull up or lap and that as Stew Smith says, "...minimums do not apply! ".

Photo of Stew Smith USNA '91, leading PFT at the United States Naval Academy
Annapolis, Maryland USA












This is an anthem to the Heroes of Tomorrow and is a dedication to the men and women in service to or future service to the United States of America. These Heroes of Tomorrow most certainly include Police, Fire, EMS, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, FBI, Secret Service, CIA and all other protectors of our freedom. They might be your neighbor. They might be your friend. They might be from Canada, England, Italy or any other freedom loving country. Today they are just normal people who walk among us. But in an instant, they can become the Heroes of Tomorrow and they rise above us.

One More – Sunrise On The Heroes of Tomorrow

You see them all around you.
From every walk of life.

They might be someone’s brother.
They might be someone’s wife.

They might work at the grocery store, bagging up your food.
If they walk by you with their head held high please don’t think they’re rude.

They’ll never ask for anything, they only want to give.
So you can go to sleep tonight in the greatest place to live.

They’ll guard us and they’ll never rest. On this you can be sure.
The only thing we ask of them is they give us one more.

One more for the little ones one more for the old.
One more for the shy ones and one more for the bold.

One more for the daughters.
One more for the sons.
One more for the babies whose lives have just begun.

One more for the freedom of which we always sing.
One more for the young girl who wears a diamond ring.

One more for the ones who died, and those who stayed alive.
Who keep our country going – where anyone can thrive.

One more for the ones who come from the land, air and sea.
So that we may always live in the land of the free.

One more for the good times, one more for the sorrow.

One more for the ones who’ll serve.
One more – for the Heroes of Tomorrow.

For more information about the Heroes of Tomorrow, click HERE.

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