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Special Announcement: The Internet Broadcast Network proudly presents, World Famous Steel Drummer, Orlando Phillips as our house band! It took us a lot of effort to track him down, but you asked and we made it happen. Check out Orlando singing a pre-release and unedited version of The Tiki Deck Song! HERE! Look and listen for him on every episode of the Tiki Deck Show, coming Spring of 2022 live from Internet City Studios in Maryland.

From Internet City Studios in Maryland - this is the World Headquarters of The eSports and Gaming Network of The Internet Broadcast Network. It looks like a normal house until you open the front door. The World Headquarters of The eSports and Gaming Network is currently located in Severna Park, Maryland, but BIG news is on the horizon. Yes, it is our home. The Internet City Studios (test bed) in Maryland has all of the most hi-tech equipment and talent necessary to produce and broadcast live, high definition TV broadcasts around the world on the Internet. We are currently in pre-production of multiple eSports and Gaming shows including an eSports and Gaming Strategy Television, STEAM+B High School, and The Worst Show In The World.

orlando poster.jpg

Internet City Studios Tour

Bethany sitting in "Blackman" (Broadcast Control Room #2 named after Bruce Blackman, daddy's coolest TV production teacher.) running the board and actin like the star of Happy Television.

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