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Internet City Studios
Production Schedule of Original Content

This schedule can and will be adjusted as necessary without notice.












​eSports and Gaming Network - We are the PyrateShip! All eSports and Gaming - All the time! Tune in and turn on for the best strategies and tactics sessions with most of the biggest names in the eSports and Gaming world. (

Happy Television - Join Bethany (age 15) as she trots the digital globe in "... the pursuit of happiness!" Bethany celebrates art, love and happiness from boys and girls & mommies and daddies everywhere in their language and ours using the terrific automatic voice translation of Skype. Join us and bring your happiness to share! (

​The Best Show In The World starring America's Worst Selling Author ~ Ben Schwalb (sorry, but he has incriminating pictures) - We're the Best Show In The World, coming to you from our living room. We're the Best Show In The World, fun for all the boys and girls. (

Tiki Deck Show - New Pre-Release of The Tiki Deck Song by our house band leader, World Renowned Caribbean Steal Drum Musician, Orlando Phillips. All right children, time for bed. It is adult time. Join us as we take a ride on the Tiki Deck campfire with Skype live and guests from everywhere in the world. When you hear the "Axe-man Story", you will laugh all night. See who gets to lay in the hammock. Will they fall asleep? (

.... and more. See you soon!

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